I think I’m back

I have just logged on to WordPress, for the first time since October 1, last year. My wife got sick. She had a severe attack of pancreatitis last October, called the ambulance, she was in hospital for six weeks, developed pneumonia, had three tubes inserted to drain abscesses that had formed. Couldn’t eat, was very,very weak, but time heals everything, or so she thought. Had the tubes taken out, but some evil smelling pus started leaking like a tap from the wound in her side. Went back to hospital with a blood infection. Had tube reinserted. Tube now taken out and she is feeling a little better. Still an ongoing process. I have been chief cook and bottle washer, and after 49 years of marriage now fully understand the mysteries of the washing machine and dryer. I could write volumes on the sad state of the health care system in Ontario, Canada. The shortage of nurses which led to a few unfortunate episodes, the cancellation and extreme delays of appointments, etc.etc.etc. I have developed some nursing skills in flushing tubes, changing bandages, and generally becoming quite self sufficient in managing health concerns, and not relying on the health care system. So my nursing duties are lighter my household skills have become a humdrum routine and I feel the urge to express myself on WordPress……oh……and I’ve had a few beers while writing this. So here we go………

Published by imnobodywhoareyou

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, mild cultural Catholic, mild Conservative, like to explore ideas. Let's journey together and discover new horizons.

One thought on “I think I’m back

  1. Good Grief! I feel so bad for what your wife has had to go through. You’ve earned those beers. Glad you are posting. I was wondering what happened to Len? Please tell your wife there is a kooky old guy out in California who is about to go outside in the night air and pray for her. Good job, you got my vote for Husband of the Year-I still haven’t conquered the complications of the dishwasher.


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