I think I’m back

I have just logged on to WordPress, for the first time since October 1, last year. My wife got sick. She had a severe attack of pancreatitis last October, called the ambulance, she was in hospital for six weeks, developed pneumonia, had three tubes inserted to drain abscesses that had formed. Couldn’t eat, was very,veryContinue reading “I think I’m back”


Lenore, was gifted genetically by God with a beautifully formed face, lean vivacious body and an enchanting voice that mesmerized all who listened. She was Gods perfect creation, for does not our Judeo/Christian heritage state unequivocally that God has sole control over the creation of matter, and everything God creates is good. Unfortunately, God hasContinue reading “Lenore”

My Muse

In these Covid times, still under lockdown here in Ontario, Canada, my wife and I can usually be found in our sacred spaces, her intent on solving the Wordscapes puzzle on her iPad and me, arms folded at the back of my head, feet on the coffee table, staring into space wondering what life wouldContinue reading “My Muse”

Spring Cleaning

Late Spring is my favorite time of year. As the snow recedes, the street once again bursts with life. Mothers pushing new born babies in strollers, children riding their bikes, neighbors standing on door steps nodding to all those passing by and young bulbs peaking above the flower beds adding color to the vibrant scene.Continue reading “Spring Cleaning”

A Winters Soliloquay

Another freezing, cloudy Winters day, minus 15 c with wind-chill.. The tenth of February, so what else can I expect, definitely not sunshine and warmth. Roll on Spring. It’s going to be the first day of lent this time next week, Ash Wednesday. Still under lockdown, no church, no ashes, still unrepentant for cursing thisContinue reading “A Winters Soliloquay”

A Winter’s Tale

It was bleak mid-winter and Jack Frost had completed his rounds enclosing the tiny village in snow and ice. At the northern end of the village Toby pressed his nose against the window, of his grandfather’s tiny house, happy the blizzard was passing. With all the excitement and pent up energy of a ten yearContinue reading “A Winter’s Tale”

New Beginnings

I’m a big fan of the American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886). She lived in relative solitude and wrote 1,800 poems, which were discovered and published after her death. I often wonder how she would have reacted to todays social media. Would she have changed her style of poetry and catered to adoring crowds and thousandsContinue reading “New Beginnings”

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