I’m Moved and Ready to Go…..Again

Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

It’s been a very long three months process, but I’ve finally moved, changed my email address and kind of settled in my new community. It’s been quite the ride.

At the beginning of June my wife and I decided to downsize and move to a smaller community. I am approaching my mid seventies, my wife is a tender seventy and we decided it would be less stress to downsize now rather then in our eighties. We spent two months searching, being outbid by a wide margin on the houses we liked, finally touching down on a one floor townhouse, in a new development in Kincardine, Ontario. We then had to sell/giveaway two thirds of our furniture and empty two very large storage rooms of accumulated treasures. My wife parted with around twenty purses she had accumulated over fifty years, but refused to downsize her shoes. I also refused to downsize my Folio Book collection, which ended up being packed in around twenty boxes.

So here we are in Kincardine, population 12,000, boarding on Lake Huron. The first day I explored it took forty minutes to walk from our house, all around downtown Kincardine and back again. Anywhere you want to go, grocery store, liquor store, community center, hospital, is no more than a 2-3 minute drive. We have spent the first few days at the beach, trying to forget the umpteen boxes waiting for us to unpack. Our national telecommunication company did not service this area, so we had to change to the local one. Took a month before they could could send a technician to supply us with WI-FI. They do not work weekends and do not book appointments after 1:30 p.m.Monday-Friday. We call it Kincardine time. Who’s in a hurry any way.

So, I’m finally up and running with WI-FI, changed my email address, discovered the wonders of exploring WordPress to housekeep all the changes and……hopefully…….can now start to receive email from followers, fingers crossed.

Happy days are here again.

Published by imnobodywhoareyou

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, mild cultural Catholic, mild Conservative, like to explore ideas. Let's journey together and discover new horizons.

9 thoughts on “I’m Moved and Ready to Go…..Again

    1. Thanks, Gary. We were tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. Too many condo apartments going up and the traafic was becoming congested. We are located in a really quiet community, good for our souls…….though trying to get service is a slow process. Not sure if it’s the the normal life style or a Covid aberration. I just noticed when I changed my email I had to turn on my email setting for notifications. I was wondering why I wasn’t receiving any blogs. Peace, Gary.

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  1. My goodness, an impressive process. Twenty boxes of Folio books? That’s impressive, too. I’m happy you’ve landed, got rid of what you don’t need (I’m in favor of keeping books), and now can settle in as well as move out from your new home base. Congratulations!


    1. Thanks, Christopher. I only keep hard back non-fiction these days, mainly history and religion. I purchased many of these from the Folio Society in London, England many years back and refuse to part with them. All my fiction reading comes from Kindle. I miss browsing second hand book stores. Haven’t been inside one since Covid started. Just noticed when I changed my email address I also had to turn on my email notifications, doesn’t automatically turn on. Live and learn. Keep well, Christopher.


  2. Hello… I noticed you followed my blog (Hebrew Word Lessons) and decided to check your blog out. Imagine my surprise when I read that you moved to Kincardine only days ago! I was born in Kincardine Ontario and grew up in Tiverton. I went to High School at KDSS! My cousin still lives there! I now live in Prince Edward Island, but I often long for the shores of Lake Huron. Enjoy your new home… it it a little bit of Paradise on this planet! Shalom!


    1. Well, well, it is a small world. Thanks for reading and following. We have settled comfortably in Kincardine and you are a lucky person to have grown up here, it is indeed a very nice part of the world. Trust you are enjoying P.E.I. and the weather is cooperating for you. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.


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