A Winter’s Tale

It was bleak mid-winter and Jack Frost had completed his rounds enclosing the tiny village in snow and ice. At the northern end of the village Toby pressed his nose against the window, of his grandfather’s tiny house, happy the blizzard was passing. With all the excitement and pent up energy of a ten year old he turned to his grandfather,

” The snow has finally stopped, can I go out and play”

“Don’t forget your snow shoes, dress warm and stay close to the house” his grandfather replied as he continued turning the page of the book he was reading.

After dressing appropriately for the snowy conditions, Toby charged out the front door, throwing himself head first into the deepest snow bank. He arose, shook himself clear of snow, and exhaled slowly after breathing in the magical air of his village. Bathing in the warm rays of the sun beaming from a cloudless blue sky, he closed his eyes, raised both arms to his side and floated backward into the snow. He lazily moved both his arms and legs sideways in a synchronized motion making a perfect snow angel.

He was working on his seventh snow angel when a tiny black object, appeared in his vision, appearing larger and larger as it flew towards him. He watched curiously as the object took shape and a large black raven landed on a rock close to him. The raven shimmered and grew, changing shape, until a wizard appeared before him. Jumping quickly to his feet Toby retreated a few steps and stared silently at the wizard.

“ Hello young man” said the wizard “ having fun I see, and why not on such a beautiful day”.

“ Are you lost” said Toby “ can I help you”.

“ As a matter of fact you can” replied the wizard “I’m looking for an apprentice. Mine recently died due to a miscast spell. Very sloppy work on his part I must say.”

“Well, good luck in finding your apprentice”, said Toby “ I have to go in now, my grandfathers expecting me. Nice to have met you”.

Toby not letting the wizard out of his sight, started walking rapidly backwards towards his grandfathers house.

“ Not so fast young man. I do believe I have found my apprentice. Yes, you will do very well“ proclaimed the wizard as he began to reassume the raven’s shape growing larger and larger, till he was hovering over Toby.

Toby raised his hand towards the seven snow angels, he had created such a short while ago, muttering, ” surgam defendere “, in a low voice. The snow angels took shape, rising from the ground, battering the raven with snow, till he was completely enclosed in an icy tomb. Toby ran for the cottage and entering safely made his way to the window. He was just in time to see the raven break free from his icy tomb, ascend to the sky and slowly disappear from view.

Toby’s grandfather closed his book, yawned, turned to Toby and asked if he had fun outside.

“Yes I did” said Toby ” If your not too busy, perhaps we can work on some more defensive spell for the rest of the day”.

Published by imnobodywhoareyou

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, mild cultural Catholic, mild Conservative, like to explore ideas. Let's journey together and discover new horizons.

2 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tale

  1. Thanks, Gary. I wrote this in need of some Winter magic. Just sent a petition to God asking if he could grant us Canadians five months of hibernation during the Winter and extend our lives by the same amount, i.e. sleep from November to April and live for two hundred years. makes a lot of sense to me. I’m still waiting for a reply.


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